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And, given as much as we type daily, we have opinions on the matter. You're going to need an actual monitor for the very first time you use your Mac mini, but after that you can a few different app combos to use your iPad and even iPhone as a temporary or permanent display. AppleInsider shows you how. Before you even bother with Apple's powerful Automator and AppleScript tools, your Mac is capable of saving you time and speeding up your work every day.

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Everything new in iOS Apple crime blotter: Inside Consumer Reports: Apple Price Guides updated February 19th. Mac mini. Should you get an eGPU for your new Mac mini? Exclusive Apple coupons: Last call for these Apple deals: Final hours: Last call: Bonus coupon: Beat the clock: Will the new i7 Mac mini run faster with new thermal paste? Holiday gift guide However, those looking for a boost in performance on this front can always plug in an eGPU.

Editing raw 4K video files and adding effects on the fly in Final Cut was impressively smooth for such a diminutive machine.

Of course, the external graphic card was doing a lot of heavy lifting, but it was a good indication of how the new Mac mini can be used in creative work. Apple also showed us an interesting setup where a single Mac mini was connected via a network switch to a network cluster of five Mac minis piled on top of each other.

By putting the 10Gb Ethernet port on the Mac mini if you choose that option when purchasing the Mac mini to good use, we saw how you can offload intensive processes such as rendering video to these other Mac minis. The process of doing this is impressively simple in Final Cut, where it was a matter of opening up a menu and selecting the attached Mac minis.

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Once done, the tasks were completed by the other Mac minis, while the main one could still be used for working on without any noticeable impact to performance. Perhaps most impressively, the stack of five Mac minis remained pretty much silent, even when working on those intensive tasks. For anyone who has used multiple PCs at once on complex projects and had to put up with the sound of fans blasting off, this will be a welcome solution.

In our day-to-day use we were really impressed with the new Mac mini, which felt fast and responsive when running macOS If you go for the Mac mini configuration with a hexa-core processor, expect even better results.

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Many of us had been hoping that Apple would release an updated version of the popular Mac mini for years now, so we were excited when the Cupertino company finally announced the new Mac mini earlier this year. This is a very accomplished little machine that packs some brilliant modern features and components for a level of performance that puts many other small form-factor PCs to shame. As the rumors grow, Apple files a lawsuit against Think Secret for their report on the headless iMac and a potential new "iWork" office suite.

MacRumors reports on an "iHome" found in an elevator. You have to love the rumors from with blurry spy pics. Glad to see I nailed it. Steve Jobs introduces the Mac mini at Macworld I was at this keynote and I remember the surprise in the room at the size and price of the mini. Apple Also introduced the iPod Shuffle so " small, cheap and without a display " was a bit of a theme.

Just two days after the announcement, and before any machines are even available, Macminicolo is founded.

Worth the wait?

As with any new idea, things were thoroughly mocked on Slashdot. It was an exciting time for Jay, Patrick and me. Ten years later, still going strong. The Mac mini is now available for purchase. The first model actually has the model ID of "PowerMac10,1" which tells a bit of its roots.

Customers are excited to see how everything fits in the small space and quickly determine that a putty knife is the best way to get inside the machine. Apple makes a small update of the Mac mini with faster processors and a faster hard drive.

Customers spend the whole year finding interesting things to do with the Mac mini. It ends up in data centers, in cars, and in POS systems. With some digging into the G4 Mac mini, it was observed that there is an empty connector on the top of the machine and people wonder if it is for an iPod dock.

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  • The Mac mini was supposed to be released with the iPod mini but the iPod was running behind so it shipped without the dock. The Intel Mac mini is released. The machine is the third Mac to feature Intel inside.

    This was a natural fit as more and more people are connecting the Mac mini to their TVs. In addition to the power increase, the price is also increased. In the only time that I can remember, Apple also used the product page to showcase third party Mac mini projects.

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    Of course, MMC was listed. Steve Jobs says "people are doing all sorts of things that we never dreamed of when we introduced it. Apple released the Apple TV earlier in the year, and gave rare updates to the Mac mini so the Mac mini was officially confirmed dead. Oh, how I loathe this article.